Artego – The Audrey Sucks Interview

Audrey Sucks, our beloved mascot, catches up with Ural sensation Artego, who’s latest track Olga, featuring fellow Russian Alex Kafer, is out right now on Glamour Punk. We chat girlfriends, saxophones, breakdancing and eggs of steel.

Where are you from?
I’m from Ekaterinburg, it’s a big city in Russia. Google it – there aren’t any bears in the streets!

What’s the music and club scene like in Ekaterinburg?
Well, to be completely honest, I don’t really go to clubs here anymore as a clubber, but there are commercial music clubs, deep/tech music clubs and one or two house clubs like “Podval”.

How did you get started making music? Are you classically trained or self-taught?
When I was at school, I started to make tunes and beats in Fruityloops, then later I graduated to working in Cubase. I had piano lessons for about 3 years maybe, that’s all! 🙂 Apart from that I’m pretty much self-taught.

You were a breakdancer! Tell us about that.
I was about 14 or 15 years old, when I first heard breakdance music, electro etc. Later I heard about the first breakdance club starting up in our city so I went to check it out and joined up. Breakdancing is awesome, but many things depend on your teacher, I mean from his knowledge and experience – this is really important so that kids don’t hurt themselves.

You’re saying that like you hurt yourself 🙂
I did, I got my fair share of injuries, that’s why I mention it 🙂

Favourite move? Caterpillar or Windmill?
Yeah I see you know the moves! My favourites were the Windmill and Air-Tracks.

Where did the inspiration for Olga come from?
From my love – my girlfriend Olga.

Russian romantics FTW! Tell us some more about the track and also about the contribution from Alex Kafer.
I worked on all the melodies, rhythm and arrangement first and essentially finished the track, but felt it was missing something. Alex Kafer is a friend of mine, a local saxophonist and a dj as well. I had the idea for him to record the main melody with the sax, so I called him up and I think it turned out rather well.

Do you think Antoine-Joseph would be proud?
You mean the man who created the sax – yeah! he could be a fan of this track! 😀

Where was your favourite ever gig? Why?
Not totally sure of the date, but I think it was in 2008-2009 when I was part of a commercial house music project called Fontano, and we visited a club called Arena in Kazan (Ed: a city in Russia, the capital of the Tatarstan republic) It was the first time I’d played in what was for me at the time a big venue – there were about 1000 people going absolutely mental – it was a hot event!

What are your plans for the rest of 2013?
As far as music goes we are working on a new project called “Dancekraft” (it’s a radioshow and videoshow, and it’s the name of our EDM project). You can subscribe to get exclusive mixes from DJs around the world from our website at

Are you mostly Glamour or more Punk? Why?
Actually I’d say I’m punky funky – not glamour at all – because I have steel eggs.
(Ed: Russian cultural cue: “eggs” means “balls” in this context ;-))

Artego feat. Alex Kafer – Olga is available now via Beatport and other digital stores, with super-phat remixes from Gabi Newman, Dom Kane, Disquoburners and Moussa Clarke & John Ashby.

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