About Glamour Punk

Beautiful Sonic Provocation from the cream of the international new breed…

Glamour Punk is an electronic dance music label founded in 2012 by UK-based house DJ and producer Moussa Clarke, veteran studio agitator, and a regular on the global club circuit from Tokyo to Dubai to Moscow to Seoul and everywhere in between.

Glamour Punk features blistering productions and collaborations from the extended global Glamour Punk family. Reflecting the Glamour Punk collective’s anything-goes attitude and natural suspiciousness of micro-genres, the international cast of producers and remixers cuts right across boundaries, from nu-disco to dubstep to g-house to big room stormers, emotional progressive house and electro pop via just about anything else that takes their fancy. The only criteria: the right dose of dancefloor drama to stir both your soul and our feet.