Bicycle Corporation

Bicycle Corporation

Italo-Global Dynamic Duo…

Bicycle Corporation are none other than globetrotter dj Marco Mei and the brilliant Stefano Ugliano aka 6884, together with their unique mixture of house grooves, prog atmospheres and techno funkadelism.

They hail from different yet complementary musical backgrounds – Marco has been deejaying for the last two decades in clubs like Pacha, Fuse, SOS Supperclub, Imperia Lounge Moscow, W Hotel Bali, while Stefano was busy mastering the arcane art of the synthesizer. They merged their skills into Bicycle Corporation, an original project with its roots deep within house music, and its head flying from French house to progressive trance to minimal techno, while always keeping their own distinctive sound (and mixing their metaphors!)

Bicycle Corporation are racing at breakneck speed through the panorama of both underground and club music – and while the wheels keep on spinning, let’s be sure to enjoy the journey.

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