Fat Phaze

Fat Phaze

Eclectic Parisian Duo…

Fat Phaze is the story of an artistic love at first sight, the encounter in 1998 of Parisians Olivier Huguenard and Emmanuel Plégat, two universes, and the birth of a beautiful complicity.

Olivier, DJ for 18 years, has a very intuitive approach to music, composes without knowing music theory, and leans on his experience behind the decks. Emmanuel is the one with the more academic and theoretical profile. After studying music at the academy, he earned his diplomas in both music theory and piano.

Their inspiration and musical references are extremely varied. They share a common basis, drawn from the 80s (they’re crazy about the choruses), from funk and pop/rock tones but also soundtracks and classical music.

In practice Emmanuel brings theory to Olivier’s musical method. Their way of working is not set in stone but Olivier often likes laying down the structure of the piece with Emmanuel, refining and finding the final arrangements.

This association relies on a shared freedom, knowing their instruments and technology inside out, and speaking the same technical language, but above all on a collaboration focused on each other’s complementary qualities and strengths. Over the years, this Parisian duo has handled a mixture of genres effortlessly, and is developing its own unmistakeable style, ruled by rhythms and melodies.

In 2001 they created Sismic Music, their own label, which has become the defining outlet for their sound.

As time goes by, Olivier and Emmanuel have developed their own sound identity but they are also followers of the remix movement ; other challenges, other stylistic compositions which rests on a single principle : adapting the piece to suit their style keeping only the original voices and elements.

It’s no wonder that major companies such as Universal, EMI and other famous producers invite them to collaborate.

If today Fat Phaze works well it is not only because Olivier and Emmanuel’s partnership has reached a real collaborative maturity, but also because Olivier and Emmanuel have remained honorable and faithful to their original creative vision !

Fat Phaze is the genial alter ego, but, as always, it’s the music that speaks.

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