Ukrainian Bass Music…

Freakbreak is a pseudonym of talented Ukrainian producer Vadym Razin. Never one to be easily pigeonholed, his productions take in the whole spectrum of bass music – from the broken beats of glitch-hop and drum and bass to four on the floor deep, underground and prog house. Also known under his Plastic Disco moniker, Vadym joined the international Glamour Punk label family in its very first year. His first commercial release – “Something for certain” was a collaboration with his old friend and label boss Moussa Clarke and british song siren Susie Ledge, which still features in plenty of discerning DJ’s playlists and charts. Since then he has been collaborating with many artists, including influential Drum & Bass artist NickBee on Bad Taste Recordings, and vocalists Mix’usha and Tiara, as well as releasing a flurry of solo releases across many genres.

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