DJ Jean Jerome

Parisian Old School…

Jean-Jerome has been a stalwart on the Parisian house music scene for many years.

A house & Techno DJ since 1993 and Radio Host, as well as a DJ and Producer for more than 17 years on Radio FG in Paris – for shows like Club FG , Paradise Session, MatinĂ©e House and more.

He’s released numerous EPs and remixes on prestigious labels (KIF, Serial, EMI, DJ Center, Joy Productions, Instinctive, Purespace, Sony Japan, Karmic Power Records, Pumpz, S&S Records Inc, Iconyc, MBMH, Silent Koalas) under various pseudonyms: Kut’n’Paste , Dog’s Biscuits, Purpleheadz, Itsic, The Soulbrozerz, as well as his own name.

From his early days playing at free parties on the local rave scene up until the present day crossing continents for niteries around the globe, it’s been quality music all the way for almost 30 years, and he’s not stopping any time soon.