Katrin Souza

Katrin Souza

Queen Of Progressive…

The queen of melodic progressive house – talented and inspirational producer Katrin Souza is a testament to the power of self-motivation, perseverance and a deep love for music.

Entirely self-taught, Katrin originally started producing tunes back in 2009. After downloading a dance music mix from a sharing site in her native Russia, she discovered an online article about a music sequencing and audio production app called FL Studio, which will be familiar to many budding producers out there.

Fascinated by the idea that music could be entirely composed on a computer at home, she immediately set about downloading and installing the software, and began to study it intensely. She found a bunch of online video tutorials, but most of these were confusing and rather dull – she found it much more fun to twist every slider, push every control and drive every effect plugin and discover their purpose herself. Hungry for knowledge, she could only manage a few minutes of a course, before itching to get back to experimenting under her own steam. And so, every night without fail, for two years, she honed and practiced her craft, and diligently mastered the software.

Since then, the musical ideas haven’t stopped flowing, and her crisply produced and melodically intricate wonders have been picked up by many illustrious and forward thinking progressive house labels including the likes of Silk Music, Intricate, Pineapple and more, as well as being supported by global DJ luminaries such as Chicane, tyDi, Solarstone and Paul Oakenfold.

Katrin says that learning music production came easily to her – “of course you need a musical ear, but ultimately it’s down to your own desires and dedication. And many sleepless nights!”