Miami House Party

Miami House Party

Miami Beats Via County Antrim…

Miami by name, Belfast by nature. Despite their title, the infamous clubland duo actually hail from Northern Ireland. Their moniker stems from a DJ gig and subsequent legendarily debauched night out which the lads enjoyed in the Florida city several years back – enough said.

Robbie and Aaron to their mates/mums, Miami House Party have forged themselves an international reputation through epic releases on the likes of Lukesclub, Mjoy and Glamour Punk, as well as their global radio shows, and blistering club sets.

Their sound spreads across flavours of house – they know how to bang it big room style, but can also funk it up for party floors, or strip it right back for the tech heads – with their deft production and arrangement skills building just the right level of pressure in the club.

Besides their production efforts and packed schedule back home in Belfast, the pair have been embarking on a showcase tour covering Europe and Asia.

Beachballs at the ready!

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