Futuristic Persian Trancer…

In these days of the internet, music truly knows no global boundaries, and laughs a big PLUR-shaped smile in the face of geographical and geopolitical distance. Iranian-born Mahdi Asadi aka Suprano found himself instantly in love with electronic music as soon as he discovered it via a pair of laptop speakers (and an internet connection) in the mid 2000s.

Inspired by the melodic progressive and trance sounds of Anjuna Beats and ASOT, Suprano started developing his considerable production skills in 2008, all while studying at a prestigious university in his home country. He still plans to complete his PHD in civil engineering.

Musically gifted and hard working, his intricate production touches and effortlessly emotive musical arrangements are already gaining plaudits from more seasoned global producers and DJs, with, for example, a recent “Tune of the Week” on Armin Van Buuren’s show just one of the many testaments to that.

Expect much more over the coming years from this young Persian progressive powerhouse.