Diego Anniballo – Satellite’s Sadness EP

Neapolitan DJ and producer Diego Anniballo brings his first EP release to Glamour Punk, a fantastic techno three tracker that hints at both his musical and technical prowess – he is an able multi-instrumentalist, and equally skilled with the soldering iron – assembling and building his own midi-controllers in his studio cum workshop.

The first track, Why, features Florence’s Serena Crociato on vocals and is a deep and driving affair that will up the pressure in the more quality main rooms and festival stages. Title track Satellite’s Sadness channels Vangelis, taking us on an emotional melodic journey into (where else?) outer space – it’s lonely out there. Lastly, Lowrentina has just enough old school Age Of Love leanings to keep the diehards misty-eyed and harding back to the warehouse parties of yore…

..but this isn’t out and out retro stuff – a very modern and impressive debut from an artist you’ll be hearing a lot more of in future.

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