Moussa Clarke & Sums feat. Corey Andrew – We Belong To The Sound (The Remixes)

Here are the huge reworks of Moussa Clarke, Sums & Corey Andrew’s dancefloor paean “We Belong To The Sound”. First up, French production maestro Jerome Tissot aka Muttonheads pulls out all the stops. With early support & feedback from the likes of Axwell, Paul Oakenfold, Erick Morillo and more there is only one word for this: HUGE!!! We also turn to that hotbed of new school house music talent, Morocco, including three storming versions from three young up and coming producers. Amine Arrom goes straight for a rather large sounding progressive vibe, perfect for the big room. More laidback but equally effective is Toubkal Records’ Touzani Reda & 6reenlight’s most excellent house excursion. Compatriot Zakem keeps it sparse and percussive, allowing Corey Andrew’s excellent vocal plenty of room to breathe. Finally it’s the Ukraine’s turn with Freakbreak providing the dubstep grind & filth.

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